HKU considers research to be an inseparable part of creative practices and art education.

At HKU University of the Arts Utrecht we consider creativity to be an essential component of research and innovation processes and methodologies. There are many challenges facing us as citizens of our communities, our neighbourhoods, our cities, our countries and the need for a far deeper and broader citizen focus is becoming clear.

Our approach is that of a pragmatic school with a focus on collaborative research. Central to understanding this approach is recognising that different types of problems require different methods of system analysis and a considered understanding of context in the widest sense.

The arts and culture play an important part in the processes of making meaning, identifying value and providing diverse representations and shared paths to understanding and growth.

Proximity to the work-field

This focus on critically informed creative practices enables us to contribute to developing and shaping meta-cognitive capacities and redefining clusters of skillsets increasingly sought by the work-field. Indeed, our proximity to the work-field allows us to establish and sustain meaningful feedback with the cultural and creative sector, as does our participation in regional Q4 and RIS3 activities.

HKU has a number of Professorships with close cooperation with external stakeholders such as CCi enterprises and representatives, NGOs and public agencies:

How does HKU organise research?

Professors, research programmes, expertise centres and labs develop and perform research. They work mainly on the basis of long-term assignments aimed at increasing knowledge and finding innovative working methods and solutions.

The schools, too, formulate themes and needs for research and innovation, as creative research is part of the educational programme. The HKU expertise centres focus on compiling and disseminating the insights, knowledge and skills gained in a particular subject.

HKU adheres to the Code of Conduct (pdf) for applied research of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences.


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