Jan IJzermans has a long track record as a researcher, lecturer and director at HKU

Arja Veerman is a researcher and teacher at HKU. She also writes children's books.

Jan IJzermans

Jan IJzermans studied mathematics and musicology at the University of Amsterdam, where he obtained his doctorate on a music anthropological subject. He has been working at HKU since 1990, first as the head of Utrecht School of Music & Technology and from 1993 as the director of the Art, Media & Technology faculty. Between 1999 and 2014, he was Professor of Music Design. In 2013, he became director of HKU Expertise Centre for Research and Innovation, where he led the research programme Research in Creative Practices. From 2016, this programme is continued as the professorship Research in Creative Practices.

Arja Veerman

Arja Veerman started her career as a teacher in primary education. In addition she studied Educational Science at Utrecht University, where she also finished a Ph.D. on collaborative learning through the Internet (2000). After several jobs, her own educational research company and writing a couple of children’s novels she joined HKU in 2011. To her great pleasure she became a member of the research programme Research in Creative Practices. In addition, she works as a research lecturer and developer at the HKU Master of Art and Education.

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