The professorship of Creative Economy investigates and enhances the overlapping areas of creativity and economy.

Research goal and design

The scope of the professorship is twofold: to investigate and develop strategic principles for the valorisation of the creative process, and to assess and promote innovative business models and organisational principles in the creative industries.

The professorship’s novel research aims at better capturing and fostering the added value and impact that artists, cultural and creative makers, entrepreneurs and organisations generate not only within the cultural and creative sector but also at a wider societal level, with relevant professional and policy implications.
The developed methodological approach is based on creative crossovers, which refer to complex, dynamic and indirect effects in the wider economy and society beyond the creative industries sector. Creative crossovers can be strategically planned, and as such embedded in viable business models of creative professionals and industries to innovate and co-create with other socio-economic sectors.

Professor Elisabetta Lazzaro

Elisabetta Lazzaro, PhD is Professor of Creative Economy at HKU and cultural economist. She has formerly been professor at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA and at Padua University, Italy.

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Advisory committee

Erik Hitters

Jacco van Uden


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