The professorship Art and Professionalisation researches how lecturers and trainers can strengthen their professional development with artistic qualities like ‘narrating’, ‘creating’ and ‘acting’.

Goal of the professorship

The professorship in Art and Professionalisation aims to reinforce the artistic dimension in education and training by fostering ‘artistry’ in lecturers and teachers.

By conducting this research along with professionals and interested parties from outside HKU, our development into an arts education organisation that is positioned in the midst of society will become more visible. The professorship is seeking collaboration with external education and training institutions for this.

Co-creation of teaching methods

Our method is characterised by co-creation: each participating lecturer or teacher can introduce a specific subject that they wish to further explore and research. They gather a wide circle of colleagues and other people around them in order to do so. Examples of questions that such a circle can put forward are:

  • How can I create a learning network?
  • How can we find new forms of development-oriented feedback?
  • How can we use forms of expression in education or training?
  • How can you increase your own professional scope within the set educational framework?
  • What criteria does a new teaching environment have to meet in order to be able to create, narrate and perform?

These questions are explored in sessions in a public workplace or playground that is open to everyone. Here, we share inspiring sources from literature, art or philosophy, work with theatrical forms of working and conversing, or experiment with various forms of reflection. This enables us to discover new insights and exciting innovative forms of teaching. The outputs of the sessions are recorded and shared on, so that reflection can take place.


Today’s society requires professionals who can give direction and who are socially involved. This requires new innovative ways of teaching and lecturing allowing a key role for art and creativity. Hence the professorship is looking for collaboration with other educational institutions as organizations in art and culture. Furthermore, the professorship collaborates closely with researchers associated with HKU Theatre, HKU Utrechts Conservatorium, HKU Fine Art, HKU Art and Economics, HKU Media, and the Master Crossover Creativity, HU, Aeres, LKCA, ROC MN, CHE, Hogeschool Rotterdam, and the Baak Hospitality.

Professor Bart van Rosmalen

Bart van Rosmalen is an improvising cellist and director. He has, in various roles as advisor, trainer, lecturer and moderator, been intensively involved with the strengthening of international arts education through practice-oriented research.

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