HKU Expertise Centre Research, Innovation and Internationalisation is a linking pin focusing on raising the quality of research. In doing so, the centre also develops and attracts subsidy applications and commissions.

Research and creation

Research linked to creation is important for the professionalisation of the creative industries and of art education. By gaining insight into methods and processes of creative research, makers increase their self-awareness over the full scope of art and media, and they can discover and explore innovative creative and design processes. HKU Expertise Centre Research and Innovation therefore gathers, compiles and shares knowledge about this creative research.

Sharing and developing knowledge

Along with HKU professors, HKU directors and external partners, the centre develops research, innovation and network projects, and attracts subsidies for these projects. The centre also stimulates and facilitates the development and implementation of research activities within HKU. The knowledge gained in these projects and in other research activities in HKU schools and labs is gathered, compiled and shared in a variety of ways within HKU, with other universities and with the creative industries and sectors that need creative innovation. In this way, knowledge from the research flows back into professional practice and education.

Innovation and internationalisation

Of all the schools of higher education in the Netherlands, HKU carries out the most research and innovation projects for the creative industry. Within the EU Horizon 2020 framework, HKU has carried out over 40% of the European research done by Dutch higher vocational education institutions. In all these research activities, HKU works with regional, national and international partners on research and innovation projects. We also collaborate with European partners within the EU programme Erasmus+.


HKU Expertise Centre Research and Innovation aims to share and disseminate knowledge, and willingly cooperates on encounters, meetings and making outputs. HKU warmly welcomes general questions about research, for which you may email Marjanne Paardekooper, the centre’s director.


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