If, as an educational professional, you are ready to broaden your horizons, expand your network and enhance your expertise, then the HKU Education in Arts Master’s programme offers a ground-breaking learning environment in collaboration with various disciplines, working at the interface between design and education.

What do you learn?

Extending your personal limits
The starting point for the course is your professional ambition and learning objectives. You learn to switch between the various roles you encounter in the professional field, such as designer, teacher, entrepreneur and researcher. You develop competencies in educational design, explorative design, interdisciplinary innovation and creative entrepreneurship.

Cross-border educational design
The strong interdisciplinarity of the programme and the diversity of the course participants are characteristic of the Utrecht version of the Master of Education in Arts. Students and lecturers come from education, cultural institutions such as museums, consulting companies, government bodies and the care sector. This creates exciting crossovers in knowledge and practices.

The course works closely with all the HKU expertise centres, schools, professorships and workshops, as well as with various external platforms and organisations. The programme also involves an international study trip.

Why this course?

The content, didactics and organisation of current (art) education is influenced by rapid social, cultural, technological and economic developments. Your current learning objective forms the starting point of the studies. You draw up your own study plan and gather new knowledge through collaborating with your fellow students and from the input of lecturers and experts.
The HKU Master of Education in Arts is characterised by the flexibility of its programme, the attention given to design research and the explicit focus on current themes, such as ludo-didactics (based on game principles), interdisciplinary creative processes, diversity and entrepreneurship.

Who is it for?

This Master’s course is intended for (art) education professionals who have a clear ambition and learning objectives, which form the starting point for the programme. A Bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience are requirements for admission to the course.


Master of Education in Arts (CROHO 49117)
Degree Master of Education
Part-time study for 2 years (60 ECTS)
Selection through entrance test
Location all HKU locations, based at Nieuwekade

If you have specific questions about the course, please send an e-mail to

After the studies

On completing the course, you will be awarded the internationally recognised title Master of Education in Arts. As a graduate, you will be ready to play an innovative role in the field of education. You are able to make new educational contributions to education, art and culture and other domains, such as Future Health and Social Inclusion.