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December 20, 2016

Hilda Moucharrafieh, graduate from MA Scenography, is currently in Beirut for the fellowship programme at Ashkal Alwan, a mix between artistic residency and educational framework. Her research is about the different temporalities with respect to human's perception and the social organisation of time, its effect on the migrant body, and questioning what the efficiency model is in relation to capitalism and neoliberalism. It is a continuation on her research conducted at HKU on performativity, space and the self.

About her experience in The Netherlands at the MA Scenography she says: "I am often positively referring to our MA programme, in terms of how we were organising ourselves in relation to it: incubation week, periodical presentations, curating each other’s work, and the relation between artistic practice and research. The more I hear about other people’s experience in their MA the more I appreciate how this programme formed itself around the students. It’s really special what you’re doing and I feel so thankful, really, to have studied this programme.”