Good ideas need a creative environment in which they can be developed, tested and made accessible. The Master of Crossover Creativity provides such a place: a learning environment for designers, artists, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Together, you work on creative solutions for current issues in the fields of Future Health, Smart Living and Social Inclusion.

What do you learn?

The course revolves around designing new applications. You learn through creating and through research. Based on a personal vision, you design innovative concepts, prototypes or other solutions. In doing so, you work with relevant stakeholders (directive design). You learn to seek out the interface between disciplines and domains, and to combine insights and methods (interdisciplinary innovation). You share the results of your work and its social, cultural and/or economic impact at relevant events, on relevant platforms and in publications (interconnective value creation).

Crossover collaboration
You will work on the cutting edge of disciplines and domains, gaining knowledge and inspiration from working with your fellow students and from the input given by lecturers and guest lecturers. Everyone contributes the expertise and networks from their own discipline or domain. You work independently as well as in creative teams.

Why this course?

The course has a flexible curriculum, which is determined by your questions as a professional. During the course, you work on a personal project concerning a current issue, in which you personally involve relevant parties from the professional field. You draw up your own study plan, which accounts for 75% of your study hours.

After your studies

Rather than wondering what this course will enable you to become, you should ask yourself ‘How does it teach me to contribute to future social developments?’ You get the opportunity to link up with various professional fields, experts and relevant partners. Our alumni fulfill roles like business developer, care innovator and social entrepreneur.


Degree: Master of Arts, CROHO code 49124
Duration: Full-time study for 1 year (60 ECTS) and part-time study for 2 years
Language: Dutch
Location: Nieuwekade 1, Utrecht
Selection: through admission assignment