Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design programme Scenography staff.


Henny Dörr (Course Leader, Core Tutor)
Interview: Henny Dörr about experimenting, forming your own vision and daring to share things

Tjallien Walma van der Molen
Nirav Christophe
Joris Weijdom watch his keynote speech at IETM Amsterdam
Vinny Jones
Mart Jan Zegers
Daniella Moosmann

Research done within the framework of the MA programme Scenography is supported by the Professorship Performative Processes.

We work closely together with Het Huis, Spring, platform-scenography and UU, Theatre Studies.

Guest tutors
Maze de Boer
Thea Brezjek
Johannes Deimling
Guus van Geffen
Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink
Falk Hübner
Kaisu Koski
Ruud Lanfermeijer
Sodja Lotker
Gabriel Paiuk
Trudi Maan
Sigrid Merx
Hilda Moucharrafieh
Nienke Scholts
Ariane Trümper
Marloeke van de Vlugt
Michiel Voet
Marc Warning
Collective Walden

Sabine Dehne (study coach)
Rita Hoogland (Course Coordinator)
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About Henny Dörr

Henny Dörr is a teacher in dramaturgy/ theory for scenographers (from 1989 until now) and responsible for the artistic profile and curriculum of both bachelor and master of arts programmes at HKU. Henny Dörr is an internationally acknowledged expert on the practice of (innovative) scenographic work and curation of this work. As such she is one of the artistic researchers at Professorship Performative Processes.

Her interest lies in parallel processes of learning and creating, designing and making and its effect on work-space and work-time.

In her latest work she investigated how space and spatial design can be a medium for dialogue, specifically in the project If you’re not there where are you, in which artists work with children suffering from absence seizures.

She teaches scenographic practice at NID, Ahmedabad India and is a regular guest for lectures and workshops at European schools.