MA Fine Art staff and lecturers 2018-2019

Annette Krauss, course leader, lecturer
Tiong Ang, core lecturer
Falke Pisano, core lecturer
Henk Slager, lecturer research studies
Christine Della Giustina, lecturer

Ola Hassasain, alumna, guest lecturer

Maria Hlavajova, lecturer
Nancy Jouwe, lecturer concept development

Jan Kaila, guest lecturer
Katia Krupennikova, lecturer curatorial studies

Geert Lovink, guest lecturer

Ilse van Rijn, guest lecturer

Domeniek Ruyters, lecturer critical studies
Lineo Segoete, guest lecturer

Jeanne van Heeswijk, lecturer
Mick Wilson, guest lecturer

Edwin Zwakman, guest lecturer

MA programme Fine Art closely collaborates with BAK, Utrecht and its research fellows programme.