Admission to the HKU Fine Art programme is based on your entrance examination. You need to demonstrate sufficient visual-expressive talent, perseverance, a critical attitude and an ability to work independently.

Entrance procedure

After you have applied for a course at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht via Studielink, you will receive an invitation for an entrance examination.

Foreign students may submit their portfolio and a letter of motivation by mail, if it isn’t possible for them to attend admission sessions in person.

The entrance procedure for foreign students who are planning to submit their portfolio and letter of motivation by mail consists of two parts:

1. Upload your portfolio and letter of motivation. You will be provided with all necessary details after HKU has received your application request.

2. Based on the work in your portfolio and your letter of motivation the admissions committee will decide whether they invite you for an interview through Skype or not.

If you are invited for an interview through Skype, HKU will inform you about the details and will tell you the exact time and date.

Check availability

There is a limited capacity for the admissions. Here you can find more information regarding availability.

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Visa and other practical matters

Once you have been admitted to the Fine Art, you will need to arrange your visa and residence permit.

Entrance requirements

Our admissions committee bases their decision on your portfolio. Each course has specific requirements. In addition your work should demonstrate your:
• expressive capacity, the ability to work from perception and from imagination;
• sense of colour, form and material;
• originality and self-expression.


Your portfolio represents your work and your abilities. Read more about what should be in your portfolio.

Language requirement

If either Dutch or English is not your native language, you need to be able to demonstrate sufficient command of the English language through a TOEFL or IELTS test.
Read more about the language requirement


Once the admissions committee has judged your work, the results will be communicated by mail. You are either admitted or not, we do not maintain a waiting list. You admission is valid for one year. Admission is based on available space.


If you have questions after reading all the information online, you can contact a student advisor at the HKU Service Desk Student Affairs via +31 (0)30-2091540 or