The concert hall, digital highway or somewhere else. What will be your stage? In the Musician 3.0 program, you will develop your individuality and talent by creating your own music.

The power of creating

On various instruments, in various contexts, and freely navigating through various genres and styles. The world is changing, how will you use your talent to keep surprising your audience?

What will you learn?

During the program, you will develop yourself into an independent music professional. Creating music yourself will be the source of your development. Playing, creating, and communicating are always connected to each other. In the lessons, you will work on improvisation, group dynamics, reflective action and contextual and conceptual working and thinking.


As a Musician 3.0, you are not bound to a style or genre. Your fellow students are musicians that play various instruments and have mastered and are developing various styles and genres. You will also come into contact with other (art) disciplines.

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You play one or more instruments and are looking for new, original musical paths. You have your own artistic voice that you are looking to examine and develop further. You are constantly examining and pushing the boundaries. You want to move and experiment freely. A Musician 3.0 likes to work with other artists and excites people for music. A versatile musician with a keen eye and ear for cultural and societal developments.

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Which profession?

You are an innovator who is always looking for new musical paths. Because the world around you is asking for it and out of sheer curiosity. As a Musician 3.0 you will work in various capacities. As a musical leader, as a musician on stages you have created yourself, as a producer, as a performer and composer of theatre productions. You might also create a new profession.

Why this programme?

Your story and how you put it out into the world. Musician 3.0 is the only program in the Netherlands that is not bound to a style or genre. You play a large role in shaping your education and you are in control of your own development. The key question is: "What am I bringing about and what do I want to bring about?" This teaches you to learn to reflect on your own work, your (musical) communication and your musicianship. By developing these three aspects together, you create a powerful connection between your story and how you put it out in the world. Between your presence and your presentation.


Find out who the teachers at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium are and with whom you would like to take main subject lessons.

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More information

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• Degree: Bachelor of Music (ISAT code 34739)

• Full-time, 4-year program (240 ECTS)

Admission through entrance exam

• Location: HKU Utrechts Conservatorium


• Possible follow-up studies: Master of Music, Master in Arts Education