From Bach's fugues to Ligeti's dense sound textures. In the Classical Music program, you will develop your own musical personality.

Your story, your audience

From baroque and classical, to Romanticism and contemporary. You will translate sheet music into your own story with which you try to connect with your audience. The world is changing, how will you use your talent to keep surprising your audience?

What will you learn?

You will gain expertise on your instrument, become familiar with various styles, and explore your talents. You will also develop skills to create new places in the professional field. You will develop a keen eye for new possibilities and ways to reach your audience.

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Main subjects

You can choose one of the following main subjects:• string instruments: violin, viola, violoncello or double bass

• wind instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet

• other instruments: piano, harp, organ or carillon

• singing
• choral conducting
• composition

Why this program?

You examine new ways of using classical music in the twenty first century and of telling your own story. Your teachers are renowned musicians that are dedicated to their students. You will quickly get to know all your fellow students with whom you will form ensembles and share experiences. You will participate in projects in which various art forms are brought together such as theatre, visual arts, music technology, etc. This creates a powerful connection between you and the professional field.


Find out who the teacher at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium are and with whom you would like to take main subject lessons.

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You have a passion for classical music that you want to share with your audience, fellow musicians, and students. You are interested in various applications of classical music that let you connect with your audience and excite people for classical music.

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Which profession?

You will become an expert in the field of classical music. As a specialist, you are comfortable in various roles in the professional field. In an ensemble or orchestra, or as a soloist, teacher, organiser, or musical leader.

More information

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•    Degree: Bachelor of Music (ISAT code 34739)

•    Full-time, 4-year program (240 ECTS)

•    Admission through entrance exam

•    Location: HKU Utrechts Conservatorium

•    Costs

•    Possible follow-up studies: Master of Music, Master Education in Arts