Utrechts Conservatorium, as a part of Utrecht University of the Arts, offers a complete conservatorium education for carilloneurs. The full curriculum consists of 4 year studies for a Bachelor of Music, which can be followed by a continuation of 2 years for the Master of Music.

Something for you?

If you are fascinated by the sound of the carillon, and have maybe gone up the tower together with a carilloneur, you may consider if it is something for you to make music on the bells. Maybe you are already a musician: for an organist or pianist the step to the carillon may be a very obvious one. But also if you are just starting your studies at the conservatoire, is the carillon worth considering.

Performing the carillon is a play of extremes. High in the tower, the carilloneur makes music that is audible for everyone. Every performance is a concert for a large audience. But this audience is not only large, it is also very diverse. So you must be able to variate, and have a wide repertoire. A 'normal' position as carilloneur after all means that you give between 50 and 100 concerts a year. Preferable you should be interested in all sorts of music styles.

Study programme

Within the curriculum distinction is made between the subjects that must be followed by all students of Utrechts Conservatorium, and those subjects that are specific for the main subject - Carillon. General subjects, such as history of music or contrapunt, are taught in Utrecht.

All the specific courses for the main subject are taught in Amersfoort at the Netherlands Carillon School. Students that have carillon as a second subject or that already have a music diploma can study only these specific courses.


Candidates for the bachelor course must possess a high school diploma on HAVO level or higher, or possess an equivalent foreign diploma. Candidates for the Master of Music must have completed a professional music course in the Netherlands or a similar course abroad, or have completed such a course soon.

As part of the admissions procedure, applicants must take an exam, consisting of a theoretical and a practical part on the carillon of the Belgian monument.

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More information

If you want to learn more about this programme, you can contact Ms. Kitty Buijsman for the Bachelor of Music and Ms. Linda Scheeres for the Master of Music via or call +31 (0)30 2314044.

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