You can choose various pathways to obtain the degree 'Bachelor of Theatre' (BTh) at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. These courses are available in Dutch only.


Graduates of the BTh Acting course can become professional actors, particularly in the theatre. After graduation, you will be able to act in theatre, film or television productions. You can choose between graduating as an actor or as an actor-maker.

You make the various aspects of acting your own, such as visual language, body language, text and dramaturgy. You learn to use your body as an instrument for expressing something. You learn to analyse texts and visual material, and to express them effectively. The ideas of the French theatre pedagogue Jacques Lecoq play an important role: acting is based on movement.

Interactive Performance Design

This course brings the age-old traditions of storytelling, theatre and game playing together with the latest technological developments. You will learn how to develop new forms of games: games with content and artistry. Approximately half the classes focuses on technology. The other half focuses on art in general and theatre in particular. During many of the classes, you will work on the development of a concrete digital end product. Your point of departure in this is a story, a message or content.

Theatre Design

The Theatre Design course trains students to become theatre designers. As a theatre designer, you are responsible for the design of all visible elements of a performance, such as decors, light and costumes. As the field of theatre design is so broad, there are many directions you could go in after graduation: drama, dance, mime or music theatre. But you could also work in visual theatre, for example, television and film, advertising, exhibitions or events.

Theatre and Education

The BTh Theatre and Education course trains you to be a theatre-maker and teacher in a non-school setting. After graduation you will be able to act, make theatre and teach. You could do this in art centres, youth theatre groups, community centres and amateur dramatics, for example.

You learn to act and make theatre, and to teach and guide other actors and theatre-makers. You learn to work independently with various forms of acting and dance, and to develop short courses. You give performances and presentations at various locations: in theatres, on the street, at businesses, in schools. This course pays specific attention to working with performers and audiences with various backgrounds (language, culture, education, etc.).

Writing for Performance

The BTh Writing for Performance course at HKU is the only full-time university of professional education course in writing in the Netherlands. As a graduate, you will be a professional drama writer of texts for the theatre, film, television, radio and new media. You will also have experience of writing other literary texts, such as prose, poetry, libretto, essays and young persons' literature.

Writing is primarily something you learn by doing. By writing a lot yourself, on your own or in cooperation with other writers and theatre-makers, and by discussing your texts and performances with them. You learn a great many new ways to write. You develop within various genres, in language, form, structure, expression, eloquence and drama. Apart from writing your own material, you also learn to write on the basis of improvisation and to translate, adapt and edit texts.