In the experimental environment of Image and Media Technology, you learn how to tell your story in the most suitable form. This may be moving or still images, an installation, Occulus Rift, video mapping, cross-media magazines or music videos. IMT students are not fazed by any tradition or convention!

What do you learn?

After four years of study, you are an image alchemist. You are able to transform your own curiosity into images. You learn what an idea is and how to give shape to it. You learn new ways of looking and analysing. You learn to collaborate. You learn what you want to tell. And you know what techniques there are and how to use them. All this enables you to tell any story in the best way.

IMT is a laboratory for visual experiments, without tradition and without definition. You decide yourself which direction to go in. You learn to choose between new technologies that are changing at the speed of light. And you learn how to keep developing, even after getting your degree.

After the course

IMT makes you an image-maker of the future, who can work as a freelancer or in employment. Many graduates also set up their own studio. Examples of employers of graduates are production houses (e.g. Circus Family or Post Panic), design studios (e.g. From Form or Moniker) and others (e.g. Lemonade).


• Bachelor of Design in Image and Media Technology (CROHO 39111)
• Degree: Bachelor of Arts
• Full-time 4-year course (240 ECTS)
• Selection through entrance test