With the Bachelor of Design in Image and Media Technology (IMT) you create visual stories that touch, entice, excite, amaze and activate your audience. You use current art, video and media techniques for this.

What do you learn?

You will work with film, VR, design, analogue and digital techniques, sound, installation, video mapping, cross-media magazines, information design and creative coding. You get acquainted with media and technology and you learn how to use it meaningfully to effectively tell and shape your story.

IMT educates critical makers and designers of innovative media products with a strong screen-based and visual backbone. Concept-development with a focus on the creative process are the nexus of our course. Support and basic instructions in technical skills provide you with the necessary tools for developing your concepts.

Image and Media Technology is a four year Bachelor of Design program. The first year has an emphasis on technical skills combined with tools to work in research for design and research through design. Practice and theory are combined in the quarterly projects.

In the first semester of the second year students start with four intensive “skill pressure cooker courses”. These are two-week mini projects in which students can fully concentrate on one assignment. They contain collaborative as well as full-group and solo-projects. Two of these pressure cooker courses are on Design and two are on Technology.

During the second part of the semester IMT connects with co-creators (for instance a company, or a festival) in a project called “Spatial Narrative”. The co-creation brings relevant, critical and challenging partners into the school. This helps you to experience a serious creative setting and make a start with your own professional network. In 8 weeks you will work in groups on the concept and production of an interactive spatial work by means of “Design by doing”. The project “Spatial Narrative” is combined with a technical skills module. The semester will be concluded with an exhibition of the students’ work.

As an exchange student you will take part in this first semester (Fall semester) of the second year.

After the course

IMT makes you an image-maker of the future, who can work as a freelancer or in employment. Many graduates also set up their own studio. Examples of employers of graduates are production houses (e.g. Circus Family or Post Panic), design studios (e.g. From Form or Moniker) and others (e.g. Lemonade).


• Bachelor of Design in Image and Media Technology (CROHO 39111)
• Degree: Bachelor of Arts
• Full-time 4-year course (240 ECTS)
• Selection through entrance test