Illustration trains you to become a professional illustrator. Illustrators tell their view of the world around them in pictures. The way they do so says something about their own vision of society and current affairs.

What do you learn?

The illustrator works on the basis of existing texts or within free, self-devised projects. Communication with the public always plays an important role. The illustrator’s interpretation is both content-related and visual.

We teach you to complete various stages of an illustration process and take an overall view of them. You develop your artistic and conceptual skills within a range of contexts. You combine craftsmanship with the latest techniques. You research the cross-overs with other professional fields and HKU programmes, such as fine art or design. In professional work situations, you learn how to deal with clients and aspirant designers from other disciplines. You learn to adopt a viewpoint and to illustrate it as well as possible. You develop your own personal style and visual idiom.

After the course

Around half of the graduates start work as an independent artist or freelance illustrator. Most of the others find a job as a designer / art director with design or advertising agencies, animation studios and publishers, for example.


• Bachelor of Design in Illustration (CROHO 39111)

• Degree: Bachelor of Arts

• Full-time 4-year course (240 ECTS)

• Selection through entrance test