Animation trains you to become an animator, director or designer in the professional field of animation. Animations are used in film and TV, virtual reality, videoclips, games, apps and online.

What do you learn?

With the HKU Animation programme, you explore various narrative forms and techniques, drawing on your powers of imagination. From the first year, you can choose whether to specialise in 2D or 3D animation.

For 3D animation, you create images, animations and experiences using advanced 3D software. For 2D animation, you create narratives with analogue or digital animation techniques, or combinations of them. They many include drawn animations, as well as puppet and clay animations, or paint on glass, etc.


Besides mastering animation techniques, you develop your concepts for both applied and free animations. You learn about all the components of an animation production: from storyboard to sound finishing, with a focus on quality and process (as a maker).

Why study Animation at HKU?

The special thing about this pathway is that you learn to work not only as an autonomous animator, but also as a practical animator. During your studies, you are already introduced to the professional field through working for external clients. In the second year, for example, you already make short films for the TV programme 'Twee voor Twaalf' (BNN-VARA). HKU is the biggest and most sought-after supplier of animators in the Dutch animation and game branch.

After the course

Graduates can work as a freelancer or in employment for production companies or studios on animations for cinema, television, educational animations, commercials, title sequences, music videos, virtual experiences or animations for games and internet.


• Bachelor of Design in Animation (CROHO 39111)

• Degree: Bachelor of Arts

• Full-time 4-year course (240 ECTS)

• Selection through entrance test