Games, apps, social media. They change our society: what we do in our free time, how we communicate, learn and cooperate. So entertainment companies, publishers, schools, the government, young startups, like to have their own digital product.

These courses are taught in Dutch. There are exchange possibilities available for students in the 2nd and/or 3rd year of the study program. They will be supervised in English.

Game Art

With Game Art, you are graphic designer or game artist for games for the gaming industry. You design the graphics of interactive console and PC games, web games and apps.

Game Design

A game designer creates and tests the basic idea of the game. You work during your education both individually and in teams on console and PC games, web games, apps, alternate reality games, playful installations, interactive board games and / or smart toys.

Game Development

Bachelor of Creative Media and Game Technologies in Game Development gives you the opportunity to start working as a creative developer in the gaming industry.

Interaction Design

As an interaction designer, you will look forward to the future possibilities of technology. You will develop and create extremely diverse applications, ranging from interactive works of art and VJ applications, through to advanced websites, CD-Roms, DVDs, software applications, educational and other games.