From pop and jazz, to classical and world music. The Bachelor of Music in Education trains you to be a broadly skilled musician and teacher.

Travel guide trough a vast musical landscape

You help students navigate through the wide selection of music available. You teach at schools and in music education projects at art education organisations, ensembles, orchestras, and venues.

What will you learn?

You will develop into a broad musician that feels at home in many musical styles: pop, jazz, classical music, and world music. A versatile musician that can operate in many different settings. In addition, you will be trained as a teacher and study didactics and methodology. From the very first year, you will do an internship to put this knowledge into practice.

For whom?

You have a contagious enthusiasm for music and other art forms that you want to share. You have both the communicative and social skills to excite people about music, and you want to develop these skills during your studies. You enjoy discovering new possibilities of reaching your audience by collaborating within the departments of the conservatory, within the HKU, and with society at large.

Which profession?

You will have a first-degree teaching diploma allowing you to teach in every educational sector. You will also be qualified to teach 'Cultural and Artistic Development' (CKV) and 'General Art' in high schools. You can also work at music schools, arts education programs, in broadcasting, at professional orchestras, opera companies and more.

Almost all graduates find paid work within a year. And thanks to a growing shortage of music teachers and the importance the government attaches to music education in musical groups and venues, job prospects are only likely to improve.

Why this programme?

• Close attention to your individual development
• A lot of attention to different styles of music
• Practical experience gained in internships from the very first year
• Collaboration with Wereldculturencentrum RASA
• Interdisciplinary education, together with the other HKU schools
• Contacts with the professional field
• Connection to current developments in education, culture, and ICT


Find out who the teachers at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium are and with whom you would like to take main subject lessons.

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•    Degree: Bachelor of Music (ISAT code ISAT code 39112 )

•    Full-time, 4-year program (240 ECTS)
•    Admission through entrance exam
•    Location: HKU Utrechts Conservatorium

•    Costs

•    Possible follow-up studies: Master of Music, Master in Arts Education

This program is currently only available in Dutch.