You can choose various pathways to obtain the degree 'Bachelor of Education' (Bed) at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

These courses are taught in Dutch, but as an Exchange student it is possible to attend in English.

Bachelor of Music in Education

From pop and jazz, to classical and world music. The Bachelor of Music in Education trains you to be a broadly skilled musician and teacher. You help students navigate through the wide selection of music available. You teach at schools and in music education projects at art education organisations, ensembles, orchestras, and venues.

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Bachelor of Theatre in Education

The Bachelor of Theatre in Education course trains you to be a drama teacher with full authorisation to teach. After graduation, you will be able to work in all areas of education, from primary schools right through to higher professional education. You will also be able to work in non-school art education, for example in art centres, youth theatre schools, community centres and amateur dramatics societies.

Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education

You learn to teach visual art and design. Your own visual development is a major precondition for this, just as important as your development as a teacher. You learn to teach various target groups in various situations, and to work with different methodologies and didactic work forms. You learn to work in 2D and 3D forms and with a wide range of materials and techniques. You learn the history of art and culture, as a basis for your own work and in order to be able to teach it.