If you like to work with new techniques, turn ideas into tangible products and love your own way, then become a designer at HKU Design. You learn to develop and implement concepts, work with different materials, research and work for real clients.

These courses are taught in Dutch. There are exchange possibilities available for students in the 2nd and 3rd year of the study program. They will be supervised in English.

Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design trains you to become a fashion designer, stylist and fashion design communicator (photo stylist, fashion editor or prognosis designer).
You learn to develop innovative fashion in practice. You investigate and experiment a lot and learn to work towards an appropriate design and product. You learn to transform your vision into a design. For this you do a lot of research on shape, material and color. You learn fashion design and pattern, both experimentally and subject-based. You get courses like fashion drawing, presentation, prognosis, fashion technology, culture studies, and computer design. After the second year you can choose between the courses Fashion Design and Fashion Communication.

Product Design

As a product designer, you design functional and user-friendly products. These products are then developed so that they can be industrially manufactured. Depending on the product, you work together with marketers, ergonomists, scientists, technicians and/or stylists.

Spatial Design

With the Bachelor of Design (BDes) in Spatial Design, you learn both to integrate architecture and interior in a new situation and to design an interior for an existing situation. Furthermore you will have knowledge of planning, architecture and urban development. Because you have a broad education, you will have a good overview and will be able to work together well with others involved in the design of spaces.