The Crossover Creativity Bachelor's course transforms you into a new type of versatile maker. Your engagement with the society of the future forms the basis for your studies. You create in different ways, taking images, performances or narratives as your starting point. Your knowledge of design processes allows you to contribute to creative solutions for current issues in society. Evidently, this will entail the use of technology, in a human and transparent way, and with empathy for the user. You design and conduct research with your fellow students and with organisations outside the school.

You will learn to

• work on current issues in society, based on your personal involvement;
• work on themes such as Future Health, Smart City and Future Learning, always with a focus on people;
• base your design process on the desired behaviour of people or organisations, such as curiosity, social commitment and sustainability;
• create in different ways: theatrical/musical, interactive, visual/spatial and narrative. You do so independently as well as in creative teams;
• investigate the possibilities of (new) technology and design new applications. Sometimes you actually put technology aside, so that your solution has more impact;
• ask critical questions and realise that a client’s question often conceals other questions;
• conduct research into historical and sociological backgrounds of the issues you are working on;
• use different methods from the arts, science and technology, such as design, desk research, prototyping and co-creation;
• learn by doing. During the course, you will be working in practice much of the time.

Why this course?

Why this course?
You are looking for a modern, multifaceted learning environment, in which you can apply your creativity and engagement to the full right from the first week. You delve into current social challenges (Future Health, Smart City and Future Learning). You will design and conduct research – in the HKU workshops and media library, and in practice. In doing so, you see how each issue requires a different method, and you combine existing methods and develop them further. You do projects in the professional field and gain entrepreneurship skills.
In the second half of your studies, you choose the professional field in which you want to specialise. You carry out projects for and/or with external partners. The programme provides scope for personal choice (e.g. minors and study trips). We work with University College Utrecht.

After your studies

• you will apply your knowledge and experience of creative processes in improving or innovating processes and products;
• you will design solutions to issues with various partners, making good use of your knowledge of technology;
• you are a necessary link between different parties (clients, users and customers), because you are able to deal with differences creatively and critically;
• you will enter a diverse professional field (government, healthcare organisations and businesses) or set up your own business (on your own or with others);
• you will call yourself an applied designer and creative innovator;
• you can continue your studies through a Master’s degree at a university or a university of applied sciences, e.g. the Master of Crossover Creativity at HKU


Start: September 2019
CROHO code 30036, CMGT
Degree: Bachelor of Science (in Crossover Creativity)
Duration: 4 years 240 ECTS
Selection: through entrance test
Location: various HKU locations. Including HKU Pastoe Fabriek, Rotsoord 3, Utrecht

If you have specific questions about the course, please send an e-mail to