The institutional plan 2019-2024 outlines the strategy and direction of HKU in the years to come.

The institutional plan specifies six themes that have particular relevance to HKU. These are listed below. To read the document in its entirety, it is possible to download a copy on this page.

1. New professional practices
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht trains creative professionals who
operate smoothly in the different roles and contexts required by today’s
dynamic society.

2. Being at the heart of society
People studying or working at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht relate
to changes in society and are continually looking outwards.
We link up with external partners and shared agendas.

3. Lifelong learning
The rapidly developing job market and new professional practices
demand new forms of education, in which learning and working come
closer together. HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is developing education where students and professionals learn together.

4. Creative Technology
Technology gives us agency in our creative processes, which is why we
integrate it in all our education and research.

5. Active participation
Students and staff are active participants in our learning and working
community. This is apparent in the responsibility taken by students and
staff – both on a personal level and for the HKU University of the Arts
Utrecht community.

6. Learning organisation
Learning and working together ensures that we learn more effectively as
individuals and as an organisation, and are therefore able to achieve our
goals sooner.