Professor Hartmut Koenitz dicusses importance of interactive narratives at DiGRA meeting

February 16, 2017

In an increasingly fragmented and complex reality, institutionalized education and public debate are still firmly routed in traditional linear and static medial representations, argued HKU professor Hartmut Koenitz at a meeting on Games for Change on February 7. In his lecture, titled Towards Systemic Representations, Koenitz discussed the importance of interactive narratives for representing our contemporary reality.

While much focus has been on the bias of recent public narratives, less attention has been paid to the question how competing positions and intricate relationships between political and technical developments can be represented.

Koenitz proposed a change towards “systemic thinking”, with games (and other interactive forms) having a central role in enabling this change.

The meeting was hosted by the focus area Game Research at Utrecht University. The Dutch DiGRA Chapter (, the forum for game research in the Netherlands, organized the meeting.