Prof. Elisabetta Lazzaro contributes her practice-oriented research to the European conference on Cultural Crowdfunding in Brussels

June 13, 2017

HKU Professor Elisabetta Lazzaro (Creative Economy) will contribute to a plenary session that is part of the Crowdfunding4Culture pilot project held in Brussels on 20 June.

Prof. Lazzaro will intervene on the occasion of the plenary session "Investing in culture through crowdfunding: risks and opportunities”, together with creative practitioners and platform founders. The event is part of the Crowdfunding4Culture pilot project and is organised in cooperation with the European Commission.

The Crowdfunding4Culture Conference of 20 June 2017 in Brussels will look into the current state of crowdfunding for the cultural and creative industries and its role in lowering the barriers for creatives and cultural organisations to access finance. During the event, examples of public/private partnerships with crowdfunding platforms in the different European countries as well as information on campaign tips and tricks will be shared.

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