Prof. Elisabetta Lazzaro chairing symposium about maximising the impact of creative industries

February 13, 2017

HKU Professor Elisabetta Lazzaro (Creative Economy) will chair the symposium "Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe: Maximising the Contribution of Culture towards Social and Economic Development" on March 21 in Brussels. This event focuses on the potential of the cultural and creative industries in Europe and how to boost their impact on the wider economy.

According to the European Parliament’s report on EU policy for cultural and creative industries (June 2016), Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) have become high-capacity engines for economic growth, representing 11.2 percent of all private enterprises and 7.5 percent of all employed persons. Beyond their significant economic contribution, CCIs have built a bridge between arts, culture, business and technology.

However, CCIs’ potential remains poorly exploited and is at risk of being compromised by changes in increased digital technologies, persistent economic instability, and considerable changes in the regulatory European framework.

This timely symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss ways to drive the development of cultural and creative industries in the EU and examine how cross-sector and cross-border collaborations can lead to a stronger and more competitive cultural sector.

Who should attend?

The symposium targets a broad range of professionals and organisations: museums and galleries, media experts, project managers, local authorities, broadcasters associations, tourism offices, performing arts associations and many more. See the website for a full list and the symposium schedule.

More information:

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