HKU alumni working for game studio Capcom speak at game summit in Tokyo

February 21, 2017

'Pillars of the Gods' by Ward Lindhout 'Pillars of the Gods' by Ward Lindhout

HKU alumni Marthe Jonkers and Ward Lindhout will play a major part in the first Serious and Applied Game Summit in Tokyo, Japan on February 24. The two alumni graduated from the school HKU Games and Interaction and found jobs at famous Japanese game studios.

Martha was offered a job as concept artist at Capcom, the company known for classics like Resident Evil, the Street Fighter series, Devil May Cry and Mega Man. Ward started out at Tango Gameworks, which was founded by ex-Capcom employee Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil series. Ward has since then been hired by Capcom, also as concept artist.

The alumni will share their experience as western game professionals in Japan and explain what they have learned since coming to the country.

Interactive session

Game developer and HKU teacher Dimme van der Hout (Monkeybizniz) adds to the HKU presence at the summit. He will talk about designing serious games for hospitals and will share his experience and lessons learned with the audience, which consists of developers, officials and representatives from various sectors interested in applied games.

Dimme van der Hout will also contribute to an interactive session of games for learning and social welfare. The game summit is hosted by DiGRA Japan (Education SIG), and co-hosted by the Embassy of the Netherlands. Location is the Deshima Lounge at the Embassy.

'The Forgotten Gate' by Marthe Jonkers 'The Forgotten Gate' by Marthe Jonkers
'Satellite Infiltration' by Ward Lindhout 'Satellite Infiltration' by Ward Lindhout