Graduation projects HKU Photography on display at Ministry of Education

July 6, 2017


This summer, the projects by seven newly graduated photographers are central to an exhibition at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) at the Rijnstraat 50 in The Hague.

The new photographers are in the middle of a changing world, giving new directions to their subjects. At the same time, they consider social, cultural and social themes and they represent the world around us. For example, Luc Wittebol traveled to Fukushima to explore the philosophy behind 'wabi sabi', Kevin Osepa gives you a glimpse into the world of symbolism and Caribbean magic, and Bart Lunenburg combines different media in which the role of the window in architecture, visual art and photography is being investigated.

Felicity van Oort
Kevin Osepa
Bart Lunenburg
Rachel Morón
Aline Bouma
Annemée Dik
Luc Wittebol

The exhibition is until the end of September. Address: Rijnstraat 50, The Hague

The projects have been curated by Stefanie Grätz, course leader, Photography HKU and Evelyn Beer, secretary artworks department of OCW.