Cultural and creative entrepreneurship co-working local: The Utrecht/Dutch experience

March 27, 2017

Elisabetta Lazzaro, HKU's professor of Creative Economy, wants to meet creative entrepreneurs in Utrecht, for example by organizing practical research meetings. "I am eager to to engage in dialogue with entrepreneurs from co-working spaces like the Klompenfabriek and the rest of Utrecht," she says in an interview with the magazine Utrecht Affairs, which focuses on entrepreneurs in the Pijlsweerd-Oudenoord neighbourhood

Co-working spaces

In the interview Lazzaro said that it's generally a good development that more creative professionals seek out each other's company in open, collaborative workspaces like the Klompenfabriek. "Sharing a workplace can be born out of necessity, because you can not pay your own office. But out of necessity often arise the most beautiful things, such as new organizational models and co-creation. When creative people get together, they dream up ideas that they may not have thought of by themselves."

The magazine Utrechtse Zaken is an initiative of The Klompenfabriek, a place for creative entrepreneurs at the Weerdsingel. The place used to be a factory for wooden shoes (clogs), hence its name in Dutch.

Read the full article here (Dutch, pdf)