Soft machines at Academy Gallery

October 27, 2014 |

soft machine

What does a ‘soft machine’ mean to a group of young artists? For the third year in a row HKU and Impakt Festival collaborate in a presentation at the Academy Gallery. In this group presentation MaHKU MA Fine Art students together with third and fourth year students of BA Fine Art offer their take on ‘Soft Machines’, the theme of the 2014 Impakt Festival. In the Boiler Room, a research environment in the Academy Gallery, they research the relationship between man and machine starting with this question: What empathic qualities lie hidden in the interaction between art, technology and man? From October 24 until November 2 meeting the public will be part of this intense laboratory setup in which experiments are tested, objects are exposed and processes are initiated.

Renée Aagtjes, Guusje America, Nino Chutkerashvili, Inga Gunnlaugsdottir, Marin Hondebrink, Kilian de Jong, Egbert Jonkers, Adriaan Luteijn, Victor Muñoz, Yasaman Owrang, Ahn Phan Nguyen, Sepideh Raiesi, Iman Al Sayed, Mariejem Tordo, Ellis Veth, Lotte van Geijn, Liza van Vliet, Bente Williams, Yong Deok Lim

Location: Academy Gallery, Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht
Opening: October 14, 17.00
Opening hours: October 26 – November 2, Wednesday to Saturday 13.00 – 18.00 (Wednesday until 19.00).

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