HKU and IETM offer a fresh perspective on Mixed Reality in theatre

April 11, 2017

Designing mixed reality experiences in the context of theater and performance: how does that actually work? And what expertise do performance artists have that would be very valuable for VR, AR and other technological developments? These and other issues are explored in Fresh Perspectives #6: Mixed Reality and the Theater of the Future, curated by HKU researcher and lecturer Joris Weijdom.

Fresh Perspectives is an online publication by the international network for theatre and performance artists IETM. It examines the role of contemporary (performance) art in society. This sixth edition is edited by HKU University of the Arts' Performative Processes professorship. Curator Joris Weijdom also wrote an introductory editorial for the publication.

This is followed by a selection of current projects around the world that explore the potential of mixed reality technologies in their own unique way. Such as experiments in a MoCap studio in Canada to a partly audio-driven, partly real-life video game in the streets of Sydney. Or an interface for interacting with a virtual world based on Minecraft and a theatrical mixed-reality dating experience in Amsterdam.

The publication will be presented at the annual IETM meeting, April 20-23 in the Romanian capital Bucharest. Joris Weijdom, Debbie Straver and Marieke Nooren will be present on behalf of the Professorship to lead a thematic session.

Get involved

For those who want to get involved themselves, you can now enroll in the Utrecht Summerschool course Designing Mixed Reality Spaces for Immersive Learning which takes place August 21-25. You can register here.