Public lecture professor Hartmut Koenitz

Datum: 19-5-2017
Plaats: Nieuwekade 1, 3511 RV, Utrecht
Tijd: 14:30-19:00 uur

On May 19 Hartmut Koenitz will be formally installed as Professor of Interactive Narrative Design at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Narrative has always had an important role in knowledge transfer and meaning-making. Interactive digital narratives (IDN) bring these functions into the 21st century by allowing users to actively influence the narrative outcome, to make decisions and experience consequences, and to replay and reconsider their choices and behaviours.

In this way IDNs are tools to communicate, discuss and comprehend complexity and therefore a key 21st century toolset for citizens and policymakers alike.

In the lecture following his installation, Hartmut Koenitz will explore how IDN’s are key 21st century tools for citizens and policy makers.

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14:30 Reception at Nieuwe Kade 1, Utrecht
15:00 Interactive narrative event on boats
17:00 Formal installation of Hartmut Koenitz by Désirée Majoor, Vice-President HKU Executive Board at De Witte Vosch
17.15 Keynote address by Janet Murray, Professor of Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology
17:30 Inaugural lecture by Hartmut Koenitz, HKU Professor of Interactive Narrative Design
18:30 Dinner

Professor Hartmut Koenitz Professor Hartmut Koenitz