Perfect Storm Conference

Datum: 16-2-2018
Plaats: Pastoe Fabriek, Rotsoord 3, Utrecht
Tijd: 08.30 - 20.00 hrs

The Perfect Storm Conference 2018 is a unique 'collaborative conference'. Bring your team to kickstart your own innovation. Design Thinking, Learning Design and Leading Creativity collide in this energizing event where you work on your own goals, guided by international experts. Enjoy sharing learning journeys in campfire sessions where you experience a broad range of best practices, new tools and innovative insights.

The six main speakers are Ewan McIntosh, Keimpe de Heer, Marc Lewis, Willem Jan Renger, Rebecca Ferguson and Frank Evers. As the main goal is to build your next prototype on the expertise and inspiration of the international speakers and participators, there are five rounds of Campfire Sessions.

In these short reflective activities, you will gather round an actual campfire to share stories and get inspired by leading innovative educators. Get to know their deepest feelings about real breakthrough experiences they had and get insight on their main topic.

At the project market place you can scout for new interesting projects or pitch your own project.

Organised and co-hosted by HKU's own Keimpe de Heer of the school Games and Interaction.