Imagining Tomorrow International

Datum: 20-1-2020 TM 30-1-2020
Plaats: HKU Media, HKU Kunst en Economie, Oudenoord 700

Imagining Tomorrow International

Imagining Tomorrow International is a ten-day international study program in which students and coaches from the Netherlands, India and Germany work together on interdisciplinary insights and solutions for social issues. These cases come from public and private organizations.

From January 20 to 30, students and coaches focus on the following issues:

• How do we make the topic of sexual and gender diversity negotiable on asylum seekers' centres?

• Naming and investigating needs per target group in the public space at different times of the day, with different weather types and during the week and at the weekend.

• A creative solution to initiate a movement to reduce violence against aid workers.

• The replacement of large prisons by small detention centres at the local level requires the involvement of stakeholders in innovative ways.

The way students visualize is not determined by rules. This view can be expressed in many forms - performance, film, animation, installation, objects - as long as the vision of the teams is clearly articulated.

On the last day of Imagining Tomorrow International, all teams present their results to customers, teachers and students.