Interaction Design has been at the forefront of the creative industries over the past decade. Within the MA CDDC programme Interaction Design, we provide talented young professionals in fields such as interface design, information design, interaction design and experience design with a breeding ground where they can further explore the creative potential of technology and develop competencies that will help them to become excellent designers and set the agenda for the creative industries in the coming decade. In recent years, MA CDDC Interaction Design graduates have played an important role in the Dutch and global creative industries and e-culture. They have won numerous prizes, started companies, and come up with great and meaningful inventions and innovations.

The course focuses on developing high-level competencies in design, design research, professional reflection and professional attitude, which will enable you to define and develop a personal position within the domain of interaction design and to play a pioneering role in the further definition and development of the field.

The course is built on four cornerstones. The first is ‘innovative interaction design in relation to player contexts’, and the second is ‘reflection on and development of interaction design methods and processes’. The third cornerstone is ‘(interaction) design research’ and the fourth is ‘professional & entrepreneurial competencies’.

Less emphasis is put on basic interaction design and development skills (basic professional skills, and basic design, visualisation and creative development skills). You are expected to already have these skills and the ability to use state-of-the-art software when you start the course.