The Master of Arts in Creative Design for Digital Cultures (MA CDDC) is a master's programme that trains students as specialists in the creative industry.

The MA CDDC has three pathways:

• Games and Interaction Design
• Film, Animation and Media Design

• Music and Sound Design

Each pathway represents a specialism: from games, cross-media productions and computer animation to music design, production and technology.

It focuses on searching for and designing creative applications for the various media and the solutions they can provide. The different programmes follow the same curriculum, whereby all the disciplines work together. It is possible to specialise through the choice of seminars, projects and the role you take on in the project team. You will graduate in a project you formulate yourself, which is combined with a supportive narrative.

Three pathways, thirteen programmes

Games and Interaction Design:
Game Art
Game Design and Development
Interaction Design
Editorial Design

Pathway Film, Animation and Media Design:
Audio Visual Media
Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Digital Media Design
Digital Video Design
Image and Media Technology

Pathway Music and Sound Design
Music Composition
Music Production
Music Technology

More about the admission requirements

For technical support, please email the Student Service Centre at

Cost of living and study

The cost of living and study are estimated as follows (on a yearly basis):

• Legal tuition fee € 11.000,-
• Estimated costs for accommodation € 4.500,-
• Estimated costs for living and other expenses € 4.300,-

Total: € 19.800,-

Some additional costs for individual projects, readers, books, digital material and the like will also be on your own account. For the group project however there will be a work budget to cover direct project expenses.

NFP Fellowship

If you are a resident of one of the selected countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, you might be eligible for a NFP Fellowship.

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After the MA Creative Design for Digital Cultures

Besides the MA Creative Design for Digital Cultures, it is also possible, at the Art & Technology lectorates, to take the research degrees Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and, under certain conditions, a PhD.

For the department Music & Technology you can contact Rens Machielse, for the department Game- & Interaction Design you can contact Marinka Copier.